The Big & Small

Most of us don’t spare much thought about animals in the Middle Ages, but it is a topic much discussed and argued by medieval aficionados. What is undisputable is that medieval animals were considerably smaller than modern day animals, but how much smaller? A modern adult cow can weigh anywhere between 1000lbs to 1800lbs (453kgs …

‘Ye Olde Fake English’

I often pore through old correspondence and antique books as part of my research. Reading those letters and books isn’t always easy. Wordy, run-on sentences, unusual phrases and uncommon words makes it incredibly frustrating to fully comprehend what educated men wrote all those years ago. Our 21st century English language has evolved and morphed into …

Boundary Reviews on Amazon

Paul Feenstra’s Boundary is an insightful tale that deals with an issue little explored in fiction: the English colonization of New Zealand. Steeped in history and peppered with factual incidents and figures, the tale gives history a human face that spans both sides of imperial expansion: those who view it as colonization, and those who …

Paul W. Feenstra – Bio

paul feenstra novelist

Paul W. Feenstra is a historical fiction novelist. Meticulously researched and detailed, his character driven novels create a dramatic window into our chronicled and complex past.
Set in beautiful and mysterious New Zealand, Paul’s first novels, ‘Boundary,’ ‘The Breath of God’ and ‘For Want of a Shilling’, detail early colonial life and the controversial impact colonialism had on native Maori.