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Author’s Note

Many authors tell us that writing their latest book was a labour of love or some other type of agonising process that  took years to complete and cost them a marriage, their dog and their sanity. For me, writing Falls Ende has been a  pleasure and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even down to the countless hours I spent researching

Falls Ende is a fast-paced story written for fans of emotional, character driven novels, where the reader not only  enjoys the story but feels part of it. Similar to how a compelling book captured my imagination as a child, when a  flashlight ..

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Book Reviews

Falls Ende: Primus is the compilation of the first three books in the Falls Ende series – ‘The Oath’, ‘Courser’ and ‘The King’. This full-length novel is set in medieval times. It follows the life of a herdsman, Odo, who leads a very simple life. His life is often disrupted in major ways, often by the very rich and powerful. Odo is the ultimate underdog, no fighting ability and poor, but what he does have is his smarts and his truth. This is a wonderful series that really focuses on the characters. Well-written with well-developed characters, and interesting storyline. A fast-paced, action-packed, compelling read. I have read the three books separately and having them compiled into one books will be a treasure on my bookshelf.

“Paul Feenstra has written such a compelling story centered around the simple herdsman that I’m drawn to this series.”

 A compelling story centered around a simple herdsman

Falls Ende: The Courser is a well written, fast paced, compelling read. Medieval is not my go to genre, but  Paul Feenstra has written such a compelling story centered around the simple herdsman that I’m drawn to this series.  Odo is content to live a simple life but he receives more than his share of bad fortune usually at the hands of the powerful and corrupt. He survives using his brains, resources, guts, and his honest word.

This also gains him  respect from knights, sergeants, and lords. A nice touch to this story is the special bond between Odo and a  courser. Paul Feenstra’s writing style draws me in with each book he writes and keeps me fascinated.  I recommend starting with the prequel, Falls Ende: The Oath.

Paul W. Feenstra is a new name in historical fiction but I will certainly be purchasing his other books if they are anywhere near as good as this: a compelling and engaging novel.

Falls Ende is an amazing, emotional and very interesting story. To me, it contains a moral theme that draws attention  to aspects of human behaviour and integrity. The book is written in an easy, accessible style, and perfect to just sit back,  relax and read. What better way to provide insights into the meaning and answers in this present life than through historical fiction.

I read the book in one sitting without stopping, every line of the book pulls the other one and does not allow the reader to stop. I thank the writer for such an interesting and instructive book.


Dynamic, engaging story–historically accurate to the finest detail!

Enthralling! I read the book (about 500 pages) in under three days because it was so hard to put down. The historical accuracy  is thorough and woven seamlessly into the captivating plot. I am definitely buying this book again to give to friends.
I read lots of historical fiction, but this particular story stands out as one of my very favorite. A must read for sure!

Harlyn Bryan

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