I am now represented by Wordlink (USA)

wordlink usa literary agency

I want to announce that I am now represented by Wordlink Literary & Management Agency based in the USA.

Veteran agent, Mira Perrizo, will now be looking after my literary interests and I am grateful that she and Wordlink have faith and believe in me. It is extremely satisfying to have the support of a respected literary agent and agency.

mia perrizo

Mira has spent over thirty-five years in the publishing world, including twenty-one years as publisher at Johnson Books/Big Earth Publishing in Boulder, Colorado, where she was involved in all facets of book publishing, from design to manuscript development and more. Her love of books has led her to continue working with authors. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Mira is looking for nonfiction, biography, historical fiction, and most anything that has a unique story line with incredible writing.

Paul W. Feenstra