More than a story – Falls Ende

I was recently asked to describe what ‘Falls Ende’ is all about.

“Are the books about dragons and demons?” came the question.

I shook my head.

“Ahhh, then dark damp castles perched on desolate wind swept mountain tops?”

“Nope,” said I.

“Then that leaves violent battles with chivalrous knights fighting for honour and glory.”

I shook my head again. “Sorry.”

“Then what is Falls Ende about? What else could you possibly write?”

It made me think. Finally it dawned on me. “Falls Ende is really about an underdog, a young man who struggles against the privilege of nobility.”

When I began ‘Falls Ende – The Oath’, the first Falls Ende story, I wanted to write a story where the protagonist was not a hero with superior skills, either in combat or some other common attribute, but rather where a determined intelligent young man with no special gifts succeeds against all the odds. Certainly life wasnt fair in feudal England in the mid eleventh century, but justice and morality could prevail – if it didn’t, then I’d make sure it did.

Falls Ende – The Oath became a short story. When I began, I never dreamed I’d begin another. Through the pressure of wonderful reviews and encouragement, it didnt take long and soon, the concept for book two became more than an idea, it became very real. It was easy and I was able to continue the tale as if the reader just turned the page. ‘Falls Ende – Courser’ became the second short story.

By now I decided that I would write a 3rd, and soon after completion, I began on Falls Ende – The King’. For this book, the ending needed to be bigger than the previous two, it had to make a statement and make the reader want more. I think I more than achieved that.