Falls Ende, a Screen Mini-Series?

I‘ve had a couple of Hollywood producer/director’s tell me that my Falls Ende novels would make an ideal episodic screen series. Who would have thought, but it is early days yet, and whether it happens or not, we shall have to wait and see. Falls Ende developed as an idea on one typically hot Southern […]

Gunpowder Green

A nostalgic and colourful collection of rural New Zealand short-stories There are many beautiful countries around the world, but what makes New Zealand special are its people. Kiwis are resilient, determined, and straightforward. Their can-do attitude mixed with a sprinkling of wry, dry humour separates us from everyone else. Gunpowder Green honours those people and […]

Falls Ende – Primus

How far will one man go to protect what’s closest to his heart Book 1 in the Falls Ende series. Created in a similar style as acclaimed authors Bernard Cornwell and Ken Follett, ‘Falls Ende – Primus’ is a fast-paced, emotional novel that will leave you breathless.  The small picturesque hamlet of Mellester in Devonshire, […]

Falls Ende – Secundus

“Do not be fooled by their freedom, for they are bound to gold and silver as any man.” Falls Ende – Secundus, the second novel in the Falls Ende series, is a gripping, page-turning window into our storied past. This riveting sequel to Falls Ende – Primus, is Paul W. Feenstra’s next installment of his fast-paced […]

Falls Ende – Tertium

He wanted to help; they wanted his life. Book 2 in the Falls Ende series/ Thoroughly original and deeply emotional, Falls Ende – Tertium, strikes at the heartstrings where evil and greed battle with virtue and justice in an epic and unforgettable medieval tale.  In this fast-paced sequel to Falls Ende – Secundus, Mellester Manor is enduring […]

Names to Memorialise

Names to Memorialise

There is much being said about how New Zealand has memorialised historical figures who have contributed to our past. Of concern is the role and glorification of these people and their impact on our country. Like many, what I knew about these famed men and their accomplishments was mostly from what I’d learned in school, […]

Ye Olde Fake English

Ye Olde Fake English

I often pore through old correspondence and antique books as part of my research. Reading those letters and books isn’t always easy. Wordy, run-on sentences, unusual phrases and uncommon words makes it incredibly frustrating to fully comprehend what educated men wrote all those years ago. How different our language has since become and how much […]