Author’s Note, Falls Ende

Author’s Note 

Many authors tell us that writing their latest book was a labour of love or some other type of agonising process that took years to complete and cost them a marriage, their dog and their sanity. For me, writing Falls Ende has been a pleasure and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even down to the countless hours I spent researching.

Falls Ende is a fast-paced story written for fans of emotional, character driven novels, where the reader not only enjoys the story but feels part of it. Similar to how a compelling book captured my imagination as a child, when a flashlight under the blankets provided enough illumination to read when I should have been asleep. More often than not, it ended with my mother repeatedly having to yell at me to wake up and ready myself for school. Gripping, page-turning novels are what I still enjoy, want to read and most certainly, delight in writing.

Some people believe that medieval stories are just about endless battles. Falls Ende is more than that; it’s about people, their lives, challenges and the unfairness and struggle of living in a feudal society. Descriptive, colourful characters drive Falls Ende, not the sharpness of a sword or a raging battle. Plot twists, villains and the unexpected keep you turning pages and wanting more. Falls Ende was written for you, the discerning reader, who wants nothing more than a great unforgettable story to keep you awake well past your bedtime. 

Originally, the first instalment, ‘Falls Ende–The Oath’ was an experimental short story published only as an eBook. Then came a second and a third: ‘Falls Ende–Courser’ and ‘Falls Ende–The King.’ Each successive story seamlessly continued on from the last. However, fans wanted a print version. I appended all three stories to create ‘Falls Ende–Primus. (Primus, Latin for ’first’) Then came book 2, Falls Ende – Secundus, and now I’m proud to announce Falls Ende–Tertium, to be released in late 2020.’ This novel continues the theme and pacing – and it delivers. Best read in sequence – you won’t be disappointed. 

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