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July 1839, without the knowledge of the English Government, the ship Tory, stealthily departed Plymouth, determined to reach New Zealand with the utmost speed. The objective, to purchase millions of acres of lands at the lowest possible price and then build the perfect society. The New Zealand Company called the first settlement Britannia, a civilization without the

‘The Breath of God’ (Moana Rangitira)

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Believing God speaks to him through the archangel Gabriel, and anointed with powers, Te Ua unites his people through a common cause. He is determined to drive the imperial oppressors from Maori land and return New Zealand to the righteous. The Breath of God’ is the first novel in the Moana Rangitira adventure series.

For Want of a Shilling (Moana Rangitira series)

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In January 1873, New Zealand, in a sparsely populated coastal community on Wellington’s south coast, the peaceful lives of Owhiro Bay residents are shattered with the discovery of two brutal and senseless murders. What begins as a local murder investigation turns into a plot of global proportions.

Falls Ende – Primus

‘Falls Ende – Primus’ is a fast-paced, emotional novel that will leave you breathless. 

The small picturesque hamlet of Mellester in Devonshire, England, is home to herdsman, Godwin Read and his son, Odo. When the aging knight, Sir William Ainsley, Lord of Mellester Manor goes on a hunt for wild boar, the inexplicable happens, and Godwin makes a decision that will ultimately impact their lives and Mellester Manor for ever

Compiled seamlessly from Falls Ende ebooks 1,2 & 3

Falls Ende ebook Series

Falls Ende –  The Oath

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Falls Ende – Courser

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Falls Ende – The King

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Falls Ende – Primus