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Boundary ( Audio Book ) Narrated by John Witstijn

“There are some men, great men, who were once pious and moral; these men act unwisely and are driven by the torment of their souls.”

Boundary ( Print )

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Will justice prevail over greed and ruthless ambition?

July 1839, without the permission of the English Government, the New Zealand Company ship, Tory, quietly departed Plymouth, anxious to reach New Zealand with the utmost speed. Expedition leader, Colonel William Wakefield’s objective is clear –  acquire millions of acres of valuable land from the natives at the lowest possible price.

On board the Tory, a young Scottish couple indentured to the New Zealand Company are excited at the prospect of beginning a new life in a perfect town called Britannia, it’s the Utopia the Company promised. 

‘The Breath of God’ (Moana Rangitira Series)

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How one man’s faith led his people to war

Believing God speaks to him through the archangel Gabriel, and anointed with powers, Te Ua unites his people through a common cause. He is determined to drive the imperial oppressors from Maori land and return New Zealand to the righteous.

In early 1860’s New Zealand, the beautiful region of Taranaki is engulfed in a brutal land war. Continuing with its unpopular policy, the New Zealand government, bolstered by British soldiers, seeks punitive and severe action against rebel Maori who openly resist the Government’s determined effort to confiscate their lands.  With regular army forces ill equipped to fight in the wilderness, the specialist highly trained ‘Forest Rangers’ are tasked to pursue rebel Maori deep into the rugged bush clad hills.

The Rangers newest recruit, Moana (Ira) Rangitira, a veteran of the Crimean war, shows remarkable and unusual skills, Maori fear and call him, ‘The ghost who walks’. Ira faces challenges that test his will to survive, and can he protect what is closest to his heart, or has everything been destroyed?

‘The Breath of God’ is the first novel in the Moana Rangitira adventure series.

For Want of a Shilling (Moana Rangitira series)

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The mysterious Russian invasion hoax that shook colonial New Zealand 

In January 1873, New Zealand, in a sparsely populated coastal community on Wellington’s south coast, the peaceful lives of Owhiro Bay residents are shattered with the discovery of two brutal and senseless murders. What begins as a local murder investigation turns into a plot of global proportions.

Wellington, New Zealand, 1873, under cover of darkness, the Russian warship, Petropavlovsk, creep’s unseen into a quiet bay and sends six men ashore. Their mission is simple – covertly gather vital information on Wellington’s defences. Disaster strikes when a marine deliberately shoots and kills two innocent teenagers. Determined to complete their mission, the Russians stop at nothing to reach their objective.

            Veteran soldier and local constable, Sergeant Moana Rangitira of the Armed Constabulary, investigates the murders, which leads him in frantic pursuit of the Russians through Wellington’s streets. Eventually he confronts the Russians in the dark waters of Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour, and discovers they want more than information.

What begins as a local murder investigation turns into an epic plot of global proportions. Intricately researched, this story uses many recorded historical events and people to weave a story of intrigue, conspiracy and greed. 

            Can Sergeant Rangitira, prevent the Russians from fulfilling their ultimate goal, and can he prevent Russia and England from going to war? 

Falls Ende – Primus

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How far will one man go to protect what’s closest to his heart?

‘Falls Ende – Primus’ is a fast-paced, emotional novel that will leave you breathless. 

The small picturesque hamlet of Mellester in Devonshire, England, is home to herdsman, Godwin Read and his son, Odo. When the aging knight, Sir William Ainsley, Lord of Mellester Manor goes on a hunt for wild boar, the inexplicable happens, and Godwin makes a decision that will ultimately impact their lives and Mellester Manor for ever

Compiled seamlessly from Falls Ende ebooks 1,2 & 3


The ‘Falls Ende’ saga is more than a typical medieval tale. This emotional fast-paced series depicts the unfairness of a feudal society and highlights the Church’s unquestioned dominance and authority. Unprepared for changing circumstances, Herdsman Odo Read must adapt and overcome the challenges he faces or suffer at the hand of powerful Lords and the whim of an avaricious Bishop.
‘Falls Ende’ is emotional, it tugs at our heartstrings and we champion Odo who wants nothing more than to farm his beloved cows and provide for his dearest Charlotte. Can Odo overcome, will he survive? ‘Falls Ende’ is a compulsive, page-turning read that will leave you breathless and wanting more. 
Best read in sequence.


Falls Ende ebook Series

Falls Ende – The Oath

ebook 1

Available on Kindle

Can justice be served or will Falls Ende claim another life?

Created in a similar style as acclaimed authors, Bernard Cornwell and Ken Follett, ‘Falls Ende’ pits Herdsman Odo Read against the knight, Sir Wystan Ainsley, Lord of Mellester Manor in a conflict of revenge and survival.
In mid-eleventh century, England, the picturesque and peaceful hamlet of Mellester Manor is devastated by the unthinkable, and the effects are lasting. The cold depths of ‘Falls Ende’ can only shame and kill. While managing some of the king’s affairs in his absence, Sir Hyde Fortescue, a powerful lord of a neighbouring manor discovers a litany of lies and deception. Can he act with honour and serve justice, or will ‘Falls Ende’ claim yet another? For Odo, there is more at stake than just his dignity and pride because they’ve already been taken, all he has left is his life.

Falls Ende – Courser

ebook 2

Available on Kindle

Fans of acclaimed authors Bernard Cornwell and Ken Follett will love the rich, character-driven medieval ‘Falls Ende’ series. Just when life for Herdsman Odo Read and his betrothed, Charlotte, is returning to normal, the inconceivable happens.

Set during the tumultuous reign of King Henry II in feudal England, the quiet and peace of Mellester Manor is shattered by the discovery of a senseless, brutal double murder at Falls Ende. Odo’s life is thrown into upheaval as he searches desperately for what he holds dear. Ignoring the warnings of Mellester’s new reeve, his own life is suddenly in peril when he is hunted by a sadistic knight intent on revenge. For Odo, it’s either leap or die even though the cold depths of ‘Falls Ende’ can only lead to dishonour and death.

Sir Gweir, Mellester Manor’s inexperienced and new lord, faces his own challenges and risks upsetting King Henry II. Can he help Odo and Charlotte and provide justice, or will his own life be at risk? ‘Falls Ende – Courser’ seamlessly continues on from book one, ‘Falls Ende – The Oath’ and should be read in sequence.

falls ende the king novel

Falls Ende – The King

ebook 3

Available on Kindle

The ‘Falls Ende’ saga seamlessly continues in ‘The King,’ Book 3. For Herdsman Odo Read, life at Mellester Manor has almost returned to normal when a sudden death changes his life. The discovery of a letter has far-reaching implications and the potential to create unwanted friction between King Henry II and Pope Alexander III.

Incensed at the developments, the king’s proxy, Lord of Ridgley Manor, Sir Hyde Fortescue turns his back on Odo and refuses to help. One man steps up and offers assistance. Will his plan succeed? Can Odo honour his word and remain at Ridgely Manor or will he return to Mellester and his beloved Charlotte? ‘Falls Ende – The King,’ chronicles Odo’s biggest challenge yet in another page-turning drama.

Best read in sequence, Book 1, Falls Ende – The Oath, Book 2, Falls Ende – Courser and Book 3, Falls Ende – The King are currently available only in digital ebook formats.