Boundary Synopsis

Author: Paul W. Feenstra
Genre: New ZealandHistorical Fiction
Word Count: 106k

Will justice prevail over greed and ruthless ambition?

July 1839, without the permission of the English Government, the New Zealand Company ship, Tory, quietly departed England, anxious to reach New Zealand with the utmost speed. Expedition leader, Colonel William Wakefield’s objective is clear – acquire millions of acres of valuable land from the natives at the lowest possible price. On board the Tory, Andrew and Eleanor Stewart, young Scottish emigrants indentured to the New Zealand Company, are excited at the prospect of beginning a new life in a perfect town called Britannia. It’s the Utopia the company promised.

Boundary highlights adversity as settlers struggle to survive the hardships of a new colony. Where mounting claims of illegally obtained lands and deception force local Maori chiefs to resist. How much more can they endure before they finally take action and revolt? Caught between the loyalty to their employer, and helping Maori, Andrew and Eleanor encounter schemers and murderers as they challenge the powerful New Zealand Company and the men who govern. Meticulously researched, Boundary is a story of greed and injustice, and draws attention to an often-misunderstood dark passage in New Zealand’s early colonial history.

Colonel William Wakefield – New Zealand History