Falls Ende – Secundus

“Do not be fooled by their freedom, for they are bound to gold and silver as any man.”

Falls Ende – Secundus, the second novel in the Falls Ende series, is a gripping, page-turning window into our storied past. This riveting sequel to Falls Ende – Primus, is Paul W. Feenstra’s next installment of his fast-paced medieval saga that will leave you breathless.

When Mellester Manor, a small peaceful hamlet in southern England, is overcome by a catastrophic disaster, Odo and Charlotte’s life is in absolute turmoil. With Sir Gweir, Lord of Mellester Manor, away in Ireland fighting alongside King Henry II, Mellester is left undefended and unprotected. The surprise arrival of Templar Knights isn’t a mere coincidence; they want the old, wooden box that once belonged to Odo’s father. It’s the perfect time for the Church to lay claim to what they believe is theirs.

Can an ordinary herdsman stand up to a rapacious bishop and the unquestioned dominance of the Church? And can Odo and Charlotte find what they seek by risking everything to journey across the ocean to the small, coastal province of Frisia? 

Emotional, twisty and dynamic, Falls Ende – Secundus is a discriminating novel that resonates with the best of Bernard Cornwall, Ken Follett.

Best read in sequence.