For Want of a Shilling

The mysterious Russian invasion hoax that shook colonial New Zealand 

Wellington, New Zealand, 1873, under cover of darkness, the Russian warship, Petropavlovsk, creep’s unseen into a quiet bay and sends six men ashore. Their mission is simple – covertly gather vital information on Wellington’s defences. Disaster strikes when a marine deliberately shoots and kills two innocent teenagers. Determined to complete their mission, the Russians stop at nothing to reach their objective.

Veteran soldier and local constable, Sergeant Moana Rangitira of the Armed Constabulary, investigates the murders, which leads him in frantic pursuit of the Russians through Wellington’s streets. Eventually he confronts the Russians in the dark waters of Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour, and discovers they want more than information. 

What begins as a local murder investigation turns into an epic plot of global proportions. Intricately researched, this story uses many recorded historical events and people to weave a story of intrigue, conspiracy and greed. 

Can Sergeant Rangitira, prevent the Russians from fulfilling their ultimate goal, and can he prevent Russia and England from going to war? 

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