Meet Historical Fiction Author from New Zealand Paul W. Feenstra


Tell us about yourself:

  1. Where do you live?  I currently live in Waverley Beach, New Zealand. It’s a small, picturesque, rural and remote beach in the South Taranaki region of the North Island. While there are about 50 homes here, only 8 people live here full-time, I’m #8
  2. How long have you lived there? As I’ve been traveling quite frequently over the last few years, I’ve lived here off and on for the last 6 years.
  3. Are you married? Once upon a time I was married, but no longer.
  4. Kids? I’m fortunate to have two children, one of each.
  5. Full time job? No
  6. Education? I have only a High School education.
  7. Who is your favorite author and book? Tough question. I have many authors who I admire. I really like the Pulitzer prize winning author, Jose Saramago. His character development is incredible, and for me a benchmark. On the other extreme I also enjoy the free-flowing style of Lee Child. I think one of my favorite books is ‘Contact’ by Carl Sagan. The story is complex and provides a refreshing duel perspective on an interesting often discussed topic.
  8. What is your preferred genre? Without question, historical fiction is my favorite genre.
  9. How did you start this journey to become a writer? I’d always wanted to write a novel. It was during the recovery from an injury when I finally had the courage to begin to actually begin.  All I needed was a topic. During my rehabilitation, I stumbled across a story that would become my first novel, ‘For Want of a Shilling’. I never told anyone what I was doing because I didn’t want to make excuses if I gave up and failed.
  10. What have you written so far? I have written a total of 6 full length historical print novels. ‘For Want of a Shilling’, Boundary’, ‘The Breath of God’ and ‘Falls Ende – Primus’ are published and available. A fifth novel, the sequel to ‘Falls Ende – Primus, titled ‘Falls Ende – Secundus’ will be published in August 2019.  My sixth novel called, ‘Leonard Hardy’s Misfortune’ is in the hands of my US Agent. Additionally, there are 3 short stories available only in ebook format. The short stories are, 1. ‘Falls Ende – The Oath’, 2.’ Falls Ende – Courser’ 3. ‘Falls Ende – The King’.  I took all three ebooks and seamlessly joined them together and titled that story, ‘Falls Ende – Primus’.

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