Author Biography 2021

Paul W. Feenstra is a historical fiction novelist. Meticulously researched and detailed, his character driven novels create a dramatic window into our chronicled and complex past.

            Set in beautiful and mysterious New Zealand, Paul’s first novels, ‘Boundary,’ ‘The Breath of God’ and ‘For Want of a Shilling’, detail early colonial life and the controversial impact colonialism had on native Maori. Says Feenstra, “History is about the untold story, and writing historical fiction is a wonderful way to present the past in a compelling and entertaining way.”

            The medieval ‘Falls Ende’ eBook series– ‘The Oath’, ‘Courser’ and ‘The King’, have proven to be equally successful. Originally written as three short stories, they are emotional and captivating and been seamlessly compiled together to create a full-length print book, ‘Falls Ende – Primus’. Since then Paul has completed a much-anticipated full length sequel, ‘Falls Ende – Secundus’ and a third, ‘Falls Ende – Tertium.

            His latest project, Gunpowder Green, is a light-hearted collection of New Zealand short stories that chronicle New Zealand life as it once was. Humorous and even thought provoking, each story is varied and highlights rural living, a diverse culture and a forgotten yet very familiar lifestyle.

            Born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1959, to Dutch immigrants, Paul still commuted to Los Angeles, California, where he worked as a multiple ‘Emmy’ nominated entertainment industry professional. For over 26 years he called the USA home and was fortunate to travel extensively throughout the country. His two grown children now reside in New Zealand.

            Sought after as a public speaker by various learning institutions, professional member networks, and countless organisations, Paul has toured the length of New Zealand lecturing about his unique experiences in the Hollywood film and television industry. Recognised for his contribution in helping his country, Paul was honoured by the New Zealand government and invited to join the prestigious, ‘World Class New Zealand,’ network. 

            In his spare time, he enjoys photography and wrestling bears.

Twitter @FeenstraPaul