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The Falls Ende Saga

The ‘Falls Ende’ saga is more than a typical medieval tale. This emotional fast-paced series depicts the unfairness of a feudal society and highlights the Church’s unquestioned dominance and authority. Unprepared for changing circumstances, Herdsman Odo Read must adapt and overcome the challenges he faces or suffer at the hand of powerful Lords and the whim of an avaricious Bishop. ‘Falls Ende’ is emotional, it tugs at our heartstrings and we champion Odo who wants nothing more than to farm his beloved cows and provide for his dearest Charlotte. Can Odo overcome, will he survive? ‘Falls Ende’ is a compulsive, page-turning read that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

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The Breath of God

In early 1860’s, New Zealand, the beautiful region of Taranaki is engulfed in a brutal land war. Continuing with its unpopular policy, the New Zealand government, bolstered by British soldiers, seeks punitive and severe action against rebel Maori called ‘Kingites’ who openly resist the Government’s determined effort to confiscate their land. To combat growing opposition and to fight rebel Maori in the bush, General Cameron, head of New Zealand’s armed forces, establishes an elite, irregular fighting force called the “Forest Rangers.” Forest Ranger Company No. 2, commanded by Captain Gustavus Von Tempsky, deploys his troops to Taranaki. Befriended by Von Tempsky, the Ranger’s newest recruit, Moana (Ira) Rangitira, shows his formidable skills that rebels grow to fear. Moana faces challenges that test his will to survive against a brutal and clever enemy deep in the rugged Taranaki wilderness. Can he protect what is closest to his heart, or has he lost everything? “The Breath of God” is the first in the Moana Rangitira adventure series.

Boundary 2nd Edition

Explosive, controversial and compelling. ‘Boundary’ has been tweaked, re-edited and re-published with a brand new cover. ‘Will Justice prevail over greed and ruthless ambition?’ Boundary is a window into New Zealand’s dark past. Now available in hard, soft and Kindle formats.

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